Benefits of becoming an IEFG Member

Members of the International Education Funders Group (IEFG) are grantmakers that aim to promote basic education in low- and middle-income countries. Membership is for organisations who fulfil the IEFG Membership Criteria.

The International Education Funders Group (IEFG) gives its members a variety of opportunities to enhance their knowledge and improve their practices. We do this by:

  • Sending our monthly newsletters which keep members up to date on important events, insightful blog posts, reports, opinions, and news on education grantmaking.
  • Holding at least two member-meetings per year – hosted by one or more member foundations – of which one is usually held in the Global South. Our bi-annual membership conferences are the pinnacle of the network’s learning and networking opportunities. During these conferences, members and experts discuss a thematic topic of interest to the group in order to remain on top of current and future developments in education grant making.
  • Organising learning visits during one of our bi-annual in-person/virtual events. We dedicate at least one day to site-visits to grantees and partners of our members to see how they work, which challenges they face, and how funders can improve their processes to align them with the reality of the field.
  • Hosting at least two webinars/virtual sessions on topics and themes of interest suggested by our members to keep organisations connected.
  • Hosting at least two regional meetings throughout the year. Some of these events focus on specific topics of interest for our members such as Child Protection and Education in Emergencies. Other regional meetings serve as much needed opportunities to network and discuss collaborations.
  • Meeting at an external event such as CIES or UKFIET (i.e. the academic conferences of our field). At such events, members get the opportunity to raise the profile of education as well as connect informally through side meetings.
  • Connecting members through the an IEFG communication portal.
  • Encouraging more specialised discussions in the IEFG subgroups.
  • Encouraging more collaboration among members with the publication of the IEFG Membership & Thematic Foci Report which holds information on every member and their thematic interests.

We are a member-led group and aim to create the space for all our members to participate actively. We also encourage all members to engage by volunteering to host conferences, webinars, field visits, and informal meetings; sending information and tools that might be beneficial for other grantmakers; joining planning committees for member meetings; or by suggesting topics for webinars and in-person events.

Not eligible for membership are consultants, intermediary organisations and organisations whose principal purpose is marketing but you can benefit from the IEFG even without joining the group by signing up for the public version of our newsletter.

If your organisation fits the membership criteria and you would like to join our very lively network, contact us or apply for membership.

Attendees at an IEFG conference in Weinfelden, Switzerland
Attendees at an IEFG conference in Weinfelden, Switzerland