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Our members are as diverse as the challenges we face. This is why the network established a number of subgroups that allow members to learn of information, data and research helpful to their work in specific geographical regions and thematic fields. Being member-led, their activity varies, but is always open to input. Currently the IEFG offers the following subgroup communities:

  • Early Childhood Development
  • Collaboration and Co-Funding Opportunities (The one place where posting co-funding opportunities is permitted)
  • Education and Resilience
  • Evidence, evaluation and learning outcomes measurement
  • Human rights and social justice approaches
  • Influencing the Global Development and Education Agendas
  • Post-primary and Girls’ Education
  • Small Grants Group (Previously the Small/Family Foundations Group)
  • Technical & Vocational Education and Skills Training (TVET)
  • Teacher Training and Professional Development
  • Tertiary Education
  • Central Asia-focussed Foundations
  • East/South East Asia-focussed Foundations
  • South Asia-focussed Foundations
  • Latin America-focussed Foundations
  • MENA (Middle East and North Africa)- focussed Foundations
  • UK-based Foundations
  • Sub-Saharan Africa- focussed Foundations


  • GPE PS/F (Global Partnership for Education Private Sector/Foundation Constituency)
Group of students. Photo by Images of Empowerment. All rights reserved.